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✓ Network with like-minded leaders and learn from your peers.

✓ Hear from global experts

✓ Have better control the pace of work for yourself and your team

✓ Set boundaries and be more strategic as a mid-level manager

✓ More easily motivate your team, your peers and your stakeholders to follow where you lead

✓ Be a more confident leader

✓ Shift your career up a level with your current employer or elsewhere - because 50% of our members get promoted whilst on the program

✓ Have more influence in your organisation or industry

✓ Beat burnout for yourself or your team - because 48% of you are experiencing burnout right now

✓ Work with Rebecca, the leading authority on mid-level leadership

Leading is lonely.

B-Suite Leaders have to manage the ever-widening gap between the top-line expectations and bottom-line reality.

Leadership in the B-Suite is a tricky game.  Whether you're focused on performing in your role, or focused on the pathway to the top, it's often unclear, highly changeable, and full of pitfalls. You’re constantly second-guessing (and translating) what the C-level Executives are looking for.  It's exhausting and it's stressful.

You’re often too junior to be in the room, yet senior enough to be responsible for answers to  your team. You are often expected to provide information, decisions, direction, and confidence when you typically have very little to go on.

The people in this community are other B-Suite Leaders just like you - here to improve their skills, learn from each other, and have transformative conversations.

“Because you're part of this community, your peers are approachable, and you can ask them anything - they're highly responsive and highly giving.”

- Bodin Pollard 

At BoldHR® we know the B-Suite

You’re far too senior to be told what to do, and far too busy to sit through lengthy lectures or workshops.

You’re motivated to develop, but your job can get in your way sometimes.

We’ve designed this Community to be easy to navigate and easy to get valuable insights. And if you miss something live - it’s all recorded for you to watch or listen to in your own time.

We know B-Suite leaders are too busy - and too valuable - for anything less.

“A lot of leadership stuff can be very token, flavour of the month, fluffy stuff. With Rebecca it's pretty black and white. And that's why it really resonates.” 

- Alex Yosifidis

What to expect:

Your B-Suite Benchmarks® SNAPSHOT will give you some focus areas to get working on right away.

Conversations in the Community are tagged by these focus areas, so you can follow the conversations that matter most to you, and keep your inbox clean. This is where you can ask questions, read threads, and get advice - not just from me personally, but from the entire braintrust of this B-Suite leader network.

Free resources start with the System for Productivity - an essential foundation to help you start to control the pace of work.

Open workshops - attend free workshops to overcome your most common leadership challenges and achieve important personal breakthroughs.

The Level Up Your Leadership Program guides you through the further systems for Impact over your 14 month membership. These systems are proven to move you from order taker to impact maker. This plan also includes a range of live events including international keynote speakers, group coaching with Rebecca Houghton, and for Premium Members, private monthly mentoring.

Some of our Live Events are for paying members on the Level Up Your Leadership monthly subscription, while others are open to the free B-Suite Leaders community as well. Events include international keynote speakers, group coaching with Rebecca Houghton, and free workshops to help you achieve important breakthroughs.

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